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Custody and visitation rights are the most important decisions during divorce hearings involving children. Depending on your relationship with your spouse, they can also be the most difficult and emotional battles of your divorce. While the courts allow couples to come up with their own arrangements, not all spouses can agree on terms. If your spouse is refusing to agree with your desired child custody plan, retain a lawyer from Johnson Law Office. Our Winfield custody and visitation attorneys are passionate about the best interests of children in divorce cases.

What’s Best for Your Children After a Divorce?

Luckily for parents, the family court system no longer gives primary custody to mothers by default. The courts realize that this is not always the best arrangement for the children. Instead, the courts will hear both sides of the case and determine a custody and visitation arrangement based on the best interests of the child. The current trend is to try to split the rights 50/50 whenever possible, so that children can enjoy equal time with both parents. However, this is not always appropriate.

No matter what your divorce case involves, don’t take your feelings out on your children. Do not place your children in the crosshairs of an emotional custody battle. Don’t badmouth your spouse in front of your kids or argue in front of them. It is the court’s job to protect children during divorce cases. Our firm recommends always taking the high road. Otherwise, your actions could harm the children and ultimately affect your visitation rights.

For any child custody/visitation proceedings, including requests for modifications or cases in which one parent moves out of state, come to Johnson Law Office in Charleston. We can help you put your best foot forward as a parent. Contact us today for all your legal needs.


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