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Child support is a common court order in divorce cases involving minor children. The family courts believe in keeping children’s lives as undisturbed as possible during a dissolution of marriage. Children should not have to suffer or adjust to lower standards of living because of the decisions of their parents.

With this in mind, the courts will award child support payments so that both parents may still financially sustain children from the marriage, until the child turns 18 or longer in some circumstances. If child support is on the table in your divorce proceeding, retain an attorney from Johnson Law Office. You need help from experienced lawyers.

How the Courts Calculate Child Support?

In West Virginia, judges use a formula generated into a computer program to calculate child support. The goal is to continue the same level of financial support the child would have had if the divorce hadn’t happened. To achieve this, the courts will combine both parents’ income levels to determine a total support amount the parents should provide. Then, they will divide the basic support amount between each parent based on both parent’s income and childcare expenses.

When parents split custody of children, the courts determine child support slightly different. The Bureau for Child Support Enforcement and the courts apply a standard child support formula based on many factors, including but not limited to both parties’ incomes and overnights with the children. In any child support agreement, one parent may pay the entire amount. Usually, the courts split the amount between the parents.

Contact Johnson Law Office for a consultation regarding your divorce and child support payments. Our family attorneys want to help you fight for fair financial support for your child or children.


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