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Child support is a standard court order in divorce cases involving minor children. The family courts believe in keeping children’s lives as undisturbed as possible during a dissolution of marriage. Children should not have to suffer or adjust to lower standards of living because of their parents’ decisions.

With this in mind, the courts will award child support payments so that both parents may still financially sustain children from the marriage until the child turns 18 or longer in some circumstances. If child support is on the table in your divorce proceeding, retain an attorney from Johnson Law Office. 

How do the courts calculate child support?

In West Virginia, judges use a formula generated into a computer program to calculate child support. The goal is to continue the same level of financial aid the child would have had if the divorce had not occurred. To achieve this, the courts will combine both parents’ income levels to determine the total amount that the parents should provide. They will then divide the necessary support amount between each parent based on income and childcare expenses.

When parents split the custody of children, the courts determine child support slightly differently. The Bureau for Child Support Enforcement and the courts apply a standard child support formula based on many factors, including, but not limited to, both parties’ incomes and overnights with the children. In any child support agreement, one parent may pay the entire amount. Usually, the courts split the amount between the parents.

Contact Johnson Law Office for a consultation regarding your divorce and child support payments. Our family attorneys want to help you fight for adequate financial support for your child or children.

What does a child support lawyer do?

Suppose you are going through divorce proceedings and are concerned about child support contentions. In this instance, a child support attorney can help you correctly calculate and ensure the reception of the correct child support for your family. Here are some instances in which having a child support lawyer on your side can help you:

  • Disagreement on the amount of child support due.

In all divorces, there are things that you are bound to disagree upon when it comes to the kids. Often, the biggest battle is custody; who gets custody of your children, and what is best for their well-being. On occasion, the amount of child support you believe is correct to be paid often is a different amount in your ex-spouse’s eyes. In this scenario, a child support lawyer can take on your case and support your claim with legal interpretations of the situation. If the matter is discussed in court, the attorney will speak on your behalf to maximize your chances of success.

  • If some time has passed and you believe the amount due should change.

After divorce proceedings are over and you begin to move on, circumstances may change. This could be a modification in your or your ex-spouse’s income or a change in situation for your children such as moving school or increased medical bills for illness or injury. In these circumstances, you might consider modifying your child support agreement. A child support lawyer can help you fight for the modification you believe is right by gathering evidence to support your claim and present it in court.

  • If your ex-spouse has hired a lawyer and is attempting to modify child support.

Even if you never intended to hire a child support attorney, if your ex-spouse has done so, you must do so, too. This is because when presented with the facts from a qualified attorney working against your case, it is unlikely that you will be able to have the same effect in court. A child support lawyer will even the playing field and give you a fair chance of getting what you want out of the situation.

  • If any further negotiations need to take place.

A lawyer is, in essence, a negotiator of terms. As your representative, a Winfield child support lawyer from Johnson Law Office is there to act as a shield against any disagreements or attacks from the other side. While it isn’t nice to think of divorce as a battle, if either party disagrees to terms that are important to you, unfortunately, it does become a fight. A child support lawyer can represent your needs with professionalism and handle an emotional situation with clarity.

If you need a lawyer in Winfield, West Virginia for your divorce proceedings, custody settlement, or child support, contact us today for second-to-none guidance from professional lawyers. Your children are important to us, too. With patience, understanding, and legal guidance, you will not be let down by our child support lawyers. Contact us today.


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