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Criminal License Defense Attorney In Winfield

Criminal and License Defense Attorney in West Virginia

Johnson Law Office is a criminal and license defense attorney in Winfield, WV. We defend you against criminal charges and help you protect your professional license when challenged by unhappy clients or patients. 

We understand that you work hard to maintain client satisfaction and keep your performance level high. With this in mind, we want to help you when difficulties arise and if your professional reputation is at stake. 

You have worked hard to build your career and earn your license; that’s why we want to help if you are put in front of an investigation board.

license defense attorney
criminal defense attorney charleston wv

Handling Criminal Cases Since 1998

Getting arrested can affect your life, your family, your job, and your future. Johnson Law Office understands that we want to help you fight back to the state prosecutors. Michelle Johnson has been fighting for criminal law cases for almost 20 years, and she knows and understands how to protect the rights of someone faced with criminal charges.


As a lawyer, you have worked hard over the years to establish a reputation that conforms to your practice. Having it provoked or seriously damaged unreasonably requires a strong defense. Johnson Law Office in Winfield is well equipped to help you defend your license. 


Surgeons who receive a notice of investigation from the medical board should waste no time securing the best possible defense lawyer. Accusations can be incredibly damaging to your reputation and career. Without a proper defense, you risk losing your license. Contact us immediately if this has happened to you.


Health care professionals such as dentists hold a position of responsibility and shoulder the daily pressure of performing to a high standard. In some instances, that standard slips or accusations of competence are made that can threaten the license you have worked hard for and invested in heavily. 

We work with dentists who are in this position. Perhaps you have been accused of misconduct by a patient or malpractice by an institution. When your license is under threat in this way, As a West Virginia criminal defense attorney, Johnson Law Office is here to support you and defend your position.  


Pharmacists invest heavily in their careers through work and study. If your license is threatened or if you’re in danger of being suspended, you need to protect your career. Contact Johnson Law Office and talk us through your circumstances. 


By the nature of the profession, doctors have the public’s good in mind, but sometimes can be accused of misconduct or face criminal allegations. When this happens, a doctor’s license may be at stake, a license and reputation that has taken many years to achieve. 

If you are accused of malpractice, it’s essential to mount a strong defense to protect the license, the reputation, and the career you worked so hard to achieve. We seek to understand the circumstances surrounding the allegations and build a strong case in your defense. 


Psychologists must achieve a level of qualifications and build a reputation in their industry as reputable practitioners. This can be threatened by allegations that may be misguided or outright false.

If your license is being threatened, you need a strong defense. Johnson Law Office understands the professional and emotional significance of what you’re going through and seeks to support and defend you with all of our available resources.  


It is not easy to become a nurse and to practice your challenging but rewarding occupation every day. Becoming a nurse requires hard work, practical training, and exams and should not be dismissed by a board for allegations or otherwise. Defend your position resolutely with Michelle Johnson at Johnson Law Office, who is a registered nurse in addition to being a lawyer.

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