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Domestic Violence Attorney In Winfield

West Virginia Domestic Violence Attorneys

Under West Virginia law, domestic violence can take several different forms. These examples could include:

  • Attempting to or causing physical harm
  • Putting someone in reasonable apprehension of harm
  • Creating fear via harassment, stalking, or psychological abuse
  • Committing sexual assault or abuse
  • Confining or detaining someone against his/her will 

As a victim of domestic violence, you may not know how to seek safety from your abuser. The attorney at Johnson Law Office knows how to file motions for relief, family court hearings, child custody, and more. We want to help you live a life free from fear, physical harm, and emotional damages. If someone has falsely accused you of domestic violence, you also need legal assistance. Our attorney can help in any domestic violence case in Winfield and beyond.

Domestic Violence Court Orders

Domestic violence is a crime that deserves legal attention from the civil and criminal courts in West Virginia. Legal intervention is the best and often the only way to put an end to domestic violence. Getting the law involved safely for you and your family can lead to maximum protection. Johnson Law Office can assist with these legal matters.

If you’re a victim of domestic violence in West Virginia, call the National Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or the YWCA of Charleston’s Resolve Family Abuse program at 1-304-340-3549 for immediate assistance. Then, retain an attorney from Johnson Law Office to fight for court-ordered relief and protection.

What is the role of a domestic violence attorney in Winfield, WV?

When it comes to hiring a lawyer for your domestic violence case, it’s about getting specific. You might have been through severe trauma that led up to this moment, and a domestic violence attorney can help you with sensitivity and professionalism to help you achieve your goal in court. If you want to learn about how a domestic violence lawyer can assist you, here are just some of the ways an attorney with Johnson Law Office can help:

  • Filing a motion for a Domestic Violence Protection Order.

With the help of a domestic violence attorney, you can successfully file a motion for a Domestic Violence Protection Order. This motion, if accepted, can essentially convict the perpetrator of violence before court proceedings occur. The DVPO might include a short prison sentence, community service, fines, or requirements to pay losses to you, the claimant, such as fees for therapy or injuries. The order also prevents the perpetrator from having any contact with you, similar to a restraining order.

  • The removal of an individual from your home.

If you are forced to live with the perpetrator of violence in your home, a domestic violence attorney’s involvement can speed up the process of removal. By filing the DVPO motion with all the evidence you have gathered together for the police and attorney, your domestic violence lawyer can have the individual removed from your home if the action is passed. This means you will, at the very least, not be living in a dangerous environment anymore and can provide peace of mind and safety.

  • Child support and child custody.

If you share children with the defendant and proceed with divorce as part of your accusation of domestic violence against them, your domestic violence lawyer can assist you with fighting for child support payments. 

Your lawyer can calculate the due amount, which depends on income, circumstances, and the number of children you share. You can then rest assured that your attorney will fairly represent your case to a judge. Similarly, in a domestic violence case, a domestic violence lawyer can help your fight for full custody of any children you share with the defendant.

  • Securing a criminal conviction.

If you wish to press criminal charges against the defendant, a domestic violence attorney will assess your case and be able to argue your side in court. Lawyers are trained in sensitivity and attention to detail, enabling them to deal with domestic violence proceedings with an emotional side while also laying out the cold, hard facts. A West Virginia criminal defense attorney will present your evidence with clarity and precision to maximize your potential for success in court.

Domestic violence cases are complicated, brutal, and emotional. A domestic violence attorney in Winfield, WV will fortify your case, help you escape a dangerous situation, and ultimately aid your fight for safety and security in your future. Contact us now for your free consultation.



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