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Having a last will and testament can do wonders for your family after you pass on. It can also give you significant peace of mind for the duration of your life. Knowing that you have your affairs in order and that your family won’t have to muddle through complicated legal matters after your death can be a comfort to everyone involved. For legal assistance with this process, such as meeting the basic requirements, organizing your assets, and legalizing the documents, come to Johnson Law Offices in Winfield.

Why Create a Last Will and Testament?

If you die without having a last will and testament, your estate will go to probate. You will have died intestate, meaning that state laws – not your personal preferences – will determine how to divide and distribute your assets. Your beneficiaries will lose the right to dispute how the court decides to divide assets. This means that while you might have promised your home or family business to one person, the courts may decide to give it to another. Establishing a last will and testament will ensure that things go according to your desires after death.

Legal Requirements for Wills

In general, the courts require last wills and testaments to be written, typed, and printed documents signed by the person creating the will (the testator) and by at least two witnesses. The witnesses must have seen the testator and the other witness sign the document for the courts to deem it legally valid. Don’t risk the courts challenging the authenticity of your will upon your death. Come to Johnson Law Offices for official, professional, and fully legal last will and testament services. We have what you need to feel secure about your family’s future in your absence.


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