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Our goal here at the Johnson Law Office, as a Winfield personal injury lawyer is to seek fair and just compensation for those who are injured through the neglect of others. If you have been in a serious accident that has effected your enjoyment of life, has caused pain, suffering, or even permanent injury, do not let people tell you that you have to live through those circumstances. We can front the expenses for personal injury cases. In the unlikely event that you lose at the trial level, you won’t owe a single penny for the attorney’s time invested in your case.

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On top of the effort that we will put into your case, we can also save you money! Not only can we save you money, but we can better evaluate your injuries and establish your damages better than any law office around because of Michelle Johnson, our head attorney. Michelle is a Professional Registered Nurse and because of that, we do not need to hire as many outside medical experts as other law firms in the Winfield area. We can assist you in any type of personal injury case, whether it involves auto and trucking accidents, premise liability, wrongful death, intentional acts, nursing home negligence, traumatic brain injury, or many more different incidents. Call Johnson Law Office today to see how we can help you return to your normal life again!

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Auto and Trucking Accidents

Auto and truck accidents are not uncommon. In fact, they are frequent and can cause a range of personal injuries ranging from minor knocks and strains to premature death. No auto injury is too small to ignore and should be addressed as soon as possible.

At Johnson Law, a personal injury lawyer in West Virginia, we seek to recover the maximum compensation that you obtained from your injuries. Insurance companies will want to pay out minimal compensation, but our goal is the opposite. 

Premise Liability

If you’ve been injured on a premises, you may be entitled to a premises liability award due to a trip, a fall, or any unexpected circumstances. This relates to the responsibility a property owner has for indicating any dangerous or hazardous situations. 

As your personal injury lawyer, we will help you determine if you are entitled to compensation. If this is the case, especially if you had not been forewarned of a slippery floor or some loose wires, you need to get in touch with us immediately to discuss your situation. 

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death refers to the scenario in which an injured party passes away. The compensation claim for that individual then moves to their next of kin and owners of the deceased estate. Although slightly different from personal injury, it is still significant.

If your close friend or a family member has sadly passed away due to negligence or an accident, then you may be the recipient of compensation. As a West Virginia plaintiff attorney experienced in criminal defense, we know how to handle this kind of claim best. Get in touch for more information.  

Deliberate Intent – Mandolidis Claims

Not all personal injury compensation claims result from an ‘accident.’ Unfortunately, some of these are intentional where an employer puts an employee in an unsafe and dangerous working environment. These claims are called mandolidis claims. They following must be proven:

  • Dangerous or unsafe working conditions existed
  • High probability of risk, injury, or death to the worker
  • The unsafe working condition was in violation of  a specific state or federal safety statue, rule, or regulation, or
  • Was in violations of common safety standards or regulations
  • The employer had knowledge of the unsafe working condition and high probability of serious injury or death
  • Despite the facts indicating that there was a serious risk of harm and that common safety issues were violated, the employer nevertheless still places the worker at risk by placing them in the working environment
  • The employee experienced sever injury or death

As a plaintiff’s attorney experienced in criminal defense in West Virginia, we regularly encounter these claims and are well quoted to assess your circumstances and offer advice. As ever, you will not pay for our services if a compensation claim is unsuccessful. 

Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home staff are often overworked and underpaid. As a result, negligence can occur in bruising, bedsores, dehydration, and hygiene issues. The standard and quality of care for elderly people must be kept, even in these difficult circumstances. 

If you or a loved one has been affected by nursing home negligence, you contact us to discuss a possible compensation claim. Nursing home negligence cases have strict deadlines so its important to call an attorney immediately.

Traumatic Brain Injury

When most people think of traumatic brain injuries, they think of massive compensation payouts. These do exist, but it’s always the case. Traumatic brain injuries can also include mild to severe headaches and any loss of consciousness. If your brain injury was the result of negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Johnson Law today to discuss your case. 


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