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Social Security Attorney In Winfield

If you have depression, anxiety, or any other mental or physical disability that is effecting your ability to work, wait no longer to call Johnson Law Office to get the benefits you deserve.

Social Security Disability (SSD)

As a registered nurse and experienced attorney with over 22 years of legal experience, Michelle Johnson understands your physical and mental illnesses or resulting disabilities. These days, most people are learning that the majority of disability claims are denied the first time. If you file a disability claim and it is denied, contact us to help you get the benefits you deserve.

social security lawyer charleston
west virginia social security disability

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Supplemental Security Income

To qualify for Social Security Disability, you must have worked a certain amount of quarters in the past ten years. If you haven’t been able to work the specific amount of time, there is still a chance that you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income.

SSI is a type of government benefit program available to those who are disabled and indigent. If you are disabled and not eligible for SSD, you may qualify for SSI or a combination of both. Call us today to see how we can help you.

Social Security Attorney

If you decide to appeal a denied social security claim, hiring a social security attorney in Winfield, West Virginia will give you a fighting chance to get the social security benefits that you need to live and thrive. A social security attorney here at Johnson Law Office PLLC can take your case to court, gather evidence, and advise you on the day of the court proceedings. Here are some ways a social security attorney will increase your chances of getting the money that you deserve. 

  • Helping you make your legal case for social security benefits.

Nobody knows your situation better than you, and your lived experience is precious in a social security case. The social security administration needs to understand how and why you need benefits to live; your only job is to prove this to them through the day-to-day experience of what it’s like to be you. Your social security lawyer’s role is to take all the information you give them and condense it into concise, clear evidence as to why you, within US law, should be provided with benefits. 

  • Reading, interpreting, and creating an argument based on your medical records.

Medical records are difficult to compile into a brief argument, but that’s where a social security attorney comes in. Michelle Johnson is professional at reading medical information and understanding how to present it to a judge as evidence.

  • Prepare you for speaking in court.

If you are concerned about having to speak in court, we understand and want you to know that it is completely normal. If you aren’t used to it, speaking in front of a judge, lawyers, witnesses, and other administrative assistants can be quite nerve-wracking. In a social security hearing, you may be asked to speak for yourself; in this case, a social security attorney will prepare you for this. The attorney will not tell you what to say – the words have to come from you – but they can advise on how best to conduct yourself in front of the judge.

  • Stand with you and represent you in a court of law.

When the day comes, your social security attorney will do most of the talking. Having a professional on your side who can best represent you in a vulnerable, nerve-wracking situation puts you in with the best chance of achieving your appeal and receiving disability benefits.

  • Aid and advice on appeals.

If the judge rules against you when you go to court, your social security lawyer can advise you on your next steps. If they believe it is worth pursuing an appeal, they will let you know and even file the appeal on your behalf. Having a court rule against you can be challenging and can cause anger, frustration, and sadness. A social security lawyer can help you through this moment and give you concrete plans for the future.

If you are in need of a social security attorney in Winfield, West Virginia, be sure to contact us here at Johnson Law Office PLLC today.


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